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The EGU General Assembly 2021

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Дата проведения:

19 апреля 2021 - 30 апреля 2021

Место проведения:

Munich, Germany



О мероприятии

During its Autumn meeting, the EGU Programme Committee has unanimously decided that the EGU General Assembly 2021 will be a virtual conference named vEGU21: Gather Online (#vEGU21). The COVID pandemic is currently not under control and is unlikely to be by April 2021. Under these circumstances, it would be irresponsible to organize an in-person meeting with thousands of participants. Instead, we will build on the experiences from EGU2020: Sharing Geoscience Online and the feedback we received to design the concept for vEGU21: Gather Online.

In an effort to make its General Assembly greener, the EGU has implemented several initiatives over the years. However, the main source of CO2 emissions has always been attendee travel to Vienna.
The EGU has worked to improve the accessibility and the inclusiveness of its General Assembly. EGU2020: Sharing Geoscience Online showed that a virtual conference can be both very accessible and very inclusive, therefore strengthening diversity, which is an essential ingredient for scientific progress. The virtual discussions, and in particular the live text chats, proved much more inclusive than more traditional formats of feedback with respect to gender, career stage, and native language.
The EGU strongly promotes the equal importance of all scientific presentations at its General Assemblies, independent of format; please see EGU's statement on scientific presentations at the EGU General Assembly. EGU makes no distinction regarding the standing, quality, or prestige of oral, poster, or PICO presentations. EGU2020: Sharing Geoscience Online had the great advantage that all presentations in scientific sessions had the same format and all authors had the same opportunities for spotlighting their research. The Sharing Geoscience Online format turned out to be a very successful way of presenting new results, and the community enjoyed outstanding virtual presentations. The virtual portions of future EGU General Assemblies must foster the advantages of equal presentation formats.
The in-person EGU General Assemblies have always had the strength of networking: the community met in person, discussions were fostered, dedicated networking breaks were implemented, and many receptions allowed casual exchanges between participants from all around the world. Personal contacts are reduced in virtual meetings and, from the feedback on EGU2020: Sharing Geoscience Online, this was the aspect that was missed the most. vEGU21: Gather Online aims to provide as many opportunities for contacts and networking as possible.
vEGU21: Gather Online will be a virtual conference that brings all components of an in-presence EGU General Assembly online and makes everyone feel welcome!


The European Geosciences Union

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